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dExact Medical

dExact Medicals vision is to ”Combat antibiotic resistance” by supplying rapid infection tests. The dExact strip test is an easy to use Point of Care tests, that in 1 minute can distinguish between acute bacterial infections and less serious infections, with no need for antibiotic treatment.
Our target customers includes:
• Hospitals, emergency departments, clinics specialized in infectious diseases, etc.
• Primary care clinics, private and governmental owned
• Elderly care clinics
• Organizations, refugee camps or areas without a clinical infrastructure
• Pharmacy’s, providing a self-test version
• Animal hospitals, providing test for pets, primarily dogs and cats
dExact Medical is a global, scientific based, life science company with a network of distributors. Each distributor is responsible for marketing and sales of the dExact products in their geographical market.
dExact Medical has a close relationship and collaboration with PEAS Institute, responsible for Research&Development.