A part of PEAS Institut @ Söderleden 1, 58723 Linköping, Sweden

Research & Development

PEAS Institute was established in 2006 with the focus to combat antibiotic resistance. PEAS Institute, is responsible for Research & Development for current and future dExact products.
The main focus for PEAS Institute is on developing new sustainable products, to be used in the diagnosis of infectious diseases. The research is particularly focused on protein affinity studies related to detection of bacterial infections. The head of PEAS Institute is Fariba Nayeri (PhD, MD) also a practitioner doctor in infection medicine. Apart from research and product development, Docent Nayeri also has been devoted to education of a number of talented PhDs. The research has led to greater insight in the biochemistry and function of hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) and other early markers of bacterial infections, such as the NETs effect. Based on this unique knowledge, the dExact test strips, for differentiation between acute and chronical bacterial infections at an early stage, has been developed and further research and development of new products is ongoing. The staff of PEAS Institute consists of senior scientists, engineers, PhD students and consultants. Dr. Nayeri and her team has published a large number of publications.

Scientific publications